What is a Spacer?

A Spacer is anyone who is providing access to their Space that can be transformed into a venue for events, photoshoots, meetings and more. Any place can be a Space, your home, garage, or even your rooftop! 

How can listing with CHAYA help your business?

  • Additional Web and Foot Traffic
  • No haggling, prices are fixed
  • Monetize off-peak or closing hours

CHAYA is a great place to advertise your business!
Listing with us not only increases your exposure to your target market, but also helps you maximize revenue potential. With a simplified booking and payment process, making money has never been easier!

Increase your revenue streams with CHAYA

  • Spacers can earn more than ৳20,000 per month
  • Set your own prices!
  • Become self-employed 
  • Pay your bills through income from CHAYA

Own a space that is left unused? List with CHAYA and become self-employed! Make easy money sitting at home, by renting your space through CHAYA.

dhaka vintage car rental collector wedding date photoshoot

Safe and Secure Bookings with CHAYA

  • Users are verified
  • Payments are made in advance 
  • Set some House Rules
  • Complete control over who uses your space, and for what purpose

We care about your safety and privacy. Bookings are all request based, giving you complete control of who is allowed to use your space, when your space can be booked, and for what purpose your space will be used.

How it works

List your space for free!

Set your pricing, add description, photos, give your space a unique name, and choose your rules and terms. CHAYA will contact you, send a team to take space photos, and voila! You are now a Spacer!

Accept bookings that you want!

Bookings are request based. You decide who uses your space, on which day and time, the guest size and for what purpose. Once you accept a booking, User must pay full amount in advance to CHAYA to confirm the booking.

Earn Easy Money!

Enjoy your booking. Be sure to have the users leave when their booking time is over. CHAYA will process over your payment once the booking has been completed successfully, after deducting our 15% service fee.

Ready to start earning?

Have any questions? Need consultation?

For any inquiries please email