CHAYA: The Future of Space Rentals

Do you have a birthday party coming up? Maybe a photoshoot for your brand? How about a very important client presentation?

To go about planning events in Bangladesh, we are faced with the constant dilemma of not knowing WHERE we will do these things. How do we find a venue? How expensive is it going to be? Who do we talk to?

We, at CHAYA faced similar problems and knew we needed a solution. During October of 2019, CHAYA first opened its doors to users, who could now easily find and book spaces for their needs.

CHAYA is the first Space-Sharing platform in Bangladesh. You get access to unique spaces, where you can design the event of your dreams. You can plan unique events like never before:

What Sets CHAYA Apart?


Unique Spaces!

These spaces are owned by individuals or businesses. Which means they don’t rent out anywhere else.

Team Size Based Pricing

Got a small team? No problem! CHAYA offers different pricing tiers based on the number of guests attending the event.


Need some food? Some lights maybe? How about a security guard? You can add these to your booking and make planning easier than ever before!

List with CHAYA


With CHAYA, people or businesses who have unused spaces, like restaurants, rooftops, gardens, etc, can now earn money by listing on CHAYA. The best part is that Spacers have all the control!

  • on the pricing
  • the booking times
  • the types of events that they will allow,
  • how many guests can come in,
  • and they can easily accept or deny booking requests based on this information.

This means that businesses can book their storefront out during hours where their space isn’t making money, like closing hours or off-peak hours. Homeowners can list a space that is rarely used, and have a brand new revenue source!

So what are you waiting for? Join the CHAYA community and change how you plan your events!