Gorur Ghash: Secrets to Going Viral

Gorur Ghash: Secrets to Going Viral

With an alarming increase in clothing companies and fashion brands, our Instagram feed is swarming with hundreds of posts with all kinds of new fashion trends. With so much competition in Bangladesh, it’s become extremely important to set yourself apart from the crowd with great marketing. Gorur Ghash is one brand who has consistently delivered viral content.

To learn more about setting yourself apart, we sat with the owners of Gorur Ghash Limited, Ali Sakhi Khan, Fahim Islam Shetab, and Nahiyan Naser.

(from left) Fahim Islam Shetab, Ali Sakhi Khan, Nahiyan Naser

What would you say is the key defining factor for your success?


A strong brand personality will help your customer connect to you and relate to the story your products are telling. If your customers can relate to you, they will automatically feel more comfortable with purchasing from you.

Your brand isn’t just the design, or the logo. It’s a person on it’s own, and as the brand manager, it is your responsibility to make sure that the person is likable.

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How do you make content go viral?

While there isn’t a process for making content go viral, there are some things you can do to replicate previous successes. Following a specific creative process by defining who we are targeting, how we can make it relatable to them, and how it all correlates to the ultimate goal. To sell clothes.

Another important factor to take into consideration, is the quality. Not just of the content but the business as a whole. Your products, your packaging, your operations, and even your jokes. Your customers will keep coming back as long as you assure them of your quality.

How do you know if your advertising and marketing is working?

No matter what kind of content you’re making, be sure to always measure the results. In the past we used to only see if our content is doing “Good” or “Bad”. We realized that these two metrics don’t tell us much about what works, why it works, and how we can improve.

Since then we’ve started vigorously tracking our metrics, and setting goals for every campaign. This has provided us valuable insight into helping us grow.

What advice would you give to new brands?

It’s important to just start. You will figure things out along the way, and even if you don’t you will have learned something new. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and try new things. What’s the worst that could happen?

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