CHAYA is a space sharing platform. People who own space that goes unused can list up on our website. People who want to use these spaces for different purposes can request to book them on CHAYA

  1. Look through our catalogue of spaces, and if you find something you like, you can request for a booking.
  2. The booking request requires you to provide the Date, Start and End Time, Number of Guests and the Booking Purpose. When deciding on the booking duration, please keep in mind any set up and pack up must be included. You will only be given access to the space for the time you have booked.
  3. Once all this information is provided, the request will be sent to the Spacer who will either Accept or Deny the booking request. 
  4. If your booking request has been accepted, you will have to make full payment in advance, in order to confirm your booking. Until the payment is made, the space will be up for grabs!
  5. Once the payment has been made, the booking confirmation, booking details and receipt and full address will be shared. 
  6. You’re good to go now! Happy Booking!

Yes! CHAYA provides decor services at an extra fee. For more information on the services we provide, please click here.

CHAYA is a space sharing platform, where you can look through a vast catalogue of spaces to book for your creative needs. Some of our spaces provide catering options, and if not, CHAYA provides catering services as well! Please use the filter for Food, to find spaces that have Food as add-ons.

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Food is not included. If you wish to have food, you can either order from CHAYA’s catering services, food add-ons offered by the Spacer, or arrange for it yourself!

If the Space does not have a rule against bringing in food from outside, you can bring food from outside.

If the Space does not have a rule against decor from outside or have any decor restriction, you can do your own decoration.

Booking time includes set-up and pack-up times. This means, you will be allowed into the premises when your booking time starts, and will have to leave the premises when your booking time ends. Please take these into account when you are booking your space.

You can only book any space that is listed on our platform.

CHAYA offers many services, from catering, to decor, to photography and more! Please visit our CHAYA services page for more information.

CHAYA loves a good event that goes in line with our mission. So send over your sponsor idea to our marketing team and we can see what we can do!

Yes, we love collaborating with influencers, companies and media personalities. Please send us a proposal to and our marketing team will take it from there!

CHAYA likes to facilitate any and all kinds of creative ideas you can think of! Many of our spaces are great for candle light dinners. You can use decor and food add-on to create a romantic candle-light dinner, or you can look through some of the candle-light dinner packages that are available on CHAYA, here (What’s up Dhaka event list).

Bookings valued at over BDT 20000 will be allowed a free space visit. Those that are valued under BDT 20000, will have to pay a visitation fee of BDT 150, which will be reimbursed should they book the space.

The prices are set by the Spacers and are fixed. If you are looking for discounts, keep an eye out on our website for special promos or discounts!

CHAYA has many spaces all over Bangladesh. You can see the location area of the space in each space profile. But you will receive the full address only when booking has been confirmed through payment.

Most spaces are private, however, in some public spaces unless you book the entire space, you may not get the entire space to yourself.

Please check the facilities section of the space profiles, for more information on what amenities each space has.

Unfortunately CHAYA only allows hourly or 30 minute increments for bookings.

No sorry, your booking has been paid for and the Spacer has kept that time slot open for your booking.

Please try to stay within your booking time, as the space may have other bookings, or the spacer may be inconvenienced, if you stay longer than planned. You will be fined for 1.5x the booking fee for every half hour longer than the booking period.


To list your space, click on the ‘List Your Space’ button on the top right corner and follow the steps with as much detail as possible. Remember, the better your space looks the more bookings you will get!

All you need is some good photos, a nice description and a great price range to get started!

CHAYA is using its resources to market your space, bring on new users and provide tools to make it easier to book your space! In exchange for this, we receive a small commission of 15% from each booking you receive.

The commission has been set considering the amount of services we are providing to both Spacers and Users to facilitate a successful booking. Unfortunately in order to continue to provide our services, we cannot decrease the commission.

When a user wants to book your space, you will receive a request outlining their event and purposes. It is completely up to you to accept or reject the booking.

Yes! You have complete freedom over listing and unlisting your space!

Although listing with CHAYA is not exclusive, we do advise to take all bookings through CHAYA, as it offers booking security, pre-paid booking system, booking management tools that helps you plan ahead with a booking calendar, and easy book-keeping.

Half day is 6 hours and Full-day is 12  hours.

We deliver our payments to Spacers twice a month (on the 15th and the 30th)

You can choose to receive your payment through bKash or our secure payment gateway, straight into your bank!

For privacy purposes, we like to use different names. We also like to use descriptive words, as that attracts users more since they can understand what the space has to offer at a glance.

There are two ways to be in our featured spaces. If you are one of the most popular spaces, or if you pay for our premium services, which includes a spot on our featured list.

You can also ask for a security deposit, which will be refunded to the users if everything goes smoothly.
If you have extremely valuable objects, we would advise to remove as many valuables as you can before each booking.

Yes! We have the tools to allow you to give out discounts through promo codes to specific users or all users!

No. The pricing is completely up to you! If you wish to have the same price regardless of the group size, please input your price the same in each field.

Yes! You can have a compulsory food Add-on that users will have to take in order to book your space.