How To Host A Wedding During COVID-19

Love in the time of Corona, is difficult, frustrating and lonely. Many have had to cancel dream weddings that have been years in the making, while others have tied the knot in their own homes, with a close few. But a close few in Bangladesh almost always adds up to over 20, even if it’s just family! Not everyone is up for the hassle of organizing a small wedding in their own homes. It can get crowded and messy and some apartment buildings don’t allow for large gatherings. And even though the lockdown has been lifted, the fear is still there, and so is the threat. 

So how can a couple celebrate their love with loved ones while navigating this yellow tape maze we’ve found ourselves in? We’ve put together some simple and great ways to host safe intimate weddings!

The first advice would be to not host your wedding at home. Although home akhts are personal and private, it’s best not to risk infection by crowding up your home. Intimate does not mean smaller spaces. It is much safer to rent a private space, and celebrate with limited guests who have some space to walk around and spread out. There are many great spaces, such as rooftops, event spaces, restaurants and more listed on CHAYA, that are both private and safe.

Get a planner! Small weddings can be extravagant, without hundreds of guests. And even if you love simpler affairs, planning a wedding big or small is hectic. A planner can not only make your visions for your wedding come true, but also arrange for safe seating arrangements, sanitizing stations, and make sure all safety standards are being met by the space, staff and the guests.

Destination weddings at small resorts, such as Bhawal Resort & Spa, is a great way to celebrate your special day. Just outside Dhaka you’ll find multiple resorts that are small and homely. You can book the entire resort for you and your family for the perfect scenic intimate wedding. By booking the entire resort, you are able to create a safe space for you and your guests!

Consider hosting outdoors. With the winter wedding season coming, the weather will be pleasant enough to have outdoor weddings. Hosting outdoors allows for safer gatherings as you can avoid congested rooms that might not ventilate fast enough. 

Weddings are special days, and no one should have to spend such an important day of their lives without their loved ones. With a few tweaks and careful planning, you can easily create a safe and intimate wedding..